24 April 2013

F Scott would be pleased

Years ago, I sat down and watched Gatsby.  I think I read the book (note:  I'm not a fiction reader, I prefer a textbook any day) but it's the movie I remember.  Robert Redford played Gatsby.

Yeah, him.

And now we have Leonardo:

Slightly believable.  Brad Pitt would have convinced me on looks, but I think Leo will play it best.  Well cast.

Then we had Mia Farrow playing Daisy

And now we have Carey Mulligan

I'm not sure I believe it yet.  But proof will be in her acting.

Then it was Sam Waterston who played Nick Carraway.

Yeah, Sam from Law & Order.

Now we have Tobey Maguire.

Completely seeing this character emerge already.

I'm not a fan of the movie theatre, but I could see myself going to see Gatsby.  How about you?  What's on your list to go see at the movies?

signed, the willow

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