11 April 2013

Addicted to Bad

Lately I have been watching deep dark dramas.  Finding my dark side is not necessarily a bad thing.  In fact, I've released a lot of negative energy when Walter White rids the world of a drug dealer, or Nancy Botwin marries a drug kingpin to avoid her own execution.

The beauty of tv is that it has evolved into binge watching on Netflix.

So, just what keeps me entertained these days?

Nancy Botwin and her cavalier attitude.  She seems to always manage to get by, or does she?


When I first started watching Bryan Cranston in this role, I thought "How on earth?  What is going on?"  But through the first episode, I realized he could totally carry off the role and I was immediately hooked.  This show has to be one of the best ever to hit the tv screen.  Thank you Netflix!

Breaking Bad

Ok, so I watched this because it came recommended.  First Weeds, then Breaking Bad, followed by Homeland.  I had no interest in the war on terrorism.  It terrifies me.  But Claire Dane's character is hypnotising and you feel for her and at the same time you want to choke her.  At the essence of this series:  human.  We're all humans.  We are all taught to hate based on one incident.  Look deeper and you may find that oil, money, and politics really do rule the world.  Love this show.


I was never a Kevin Bacon fan during his Footloose days.  But as Kevin matured, he became this demure guy with a secret.  His passion shows through in this show.  Still I struggle to get through the gory sick episodes, but I do it for Kevin.  (insert corny smirk here)

The Following

I told you yesterday that I had become just a wee bit addicted.  History Channel has done a fabulous job telling the legend of Ragnar Lothbrok.  A bit of a Robin Hood feel to it, makes you wonder if he really did exist?  I think he did and if he did, well he's my ancestor.  Or so the story goes.  (psst, so is Robin Hood)

and who could forget Vikings

and now for something light

Meet the Bluths.  Jason Bateman was the reason I started to watch.  Then Michael Cera's quirkiness caught my interest.  But Will Arnett?  And his chicken dance?  I'm a crazed fan now too.  And don't we all know families this dysfunctional?

Arrested Development

Hank Moody (David Duchovny) is a tad crazed, a tad calm, just overall filled with problems.  Yes, you want to bring him home for dinner and ask him all sorts of questions.  Like why?  why?  why?


What's on your watch list lately?

signed, the willow

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