13 May 2013

The interview

So, I happened across this job for which I applied.  They called me for an interview and I didn't make the cut through to the next round.  C'est la vie!  Right?  Wrong.  Several weeks later, intensely looking for a new job, this same company emailed me for an interview.  Different location, different position.  So, I obliged for the interview.

I arrived early.  So did others.  Yes, this was a group interview.  You've heard of them, or have you?  Anyhow, 4 others arrived, then 10, then 14.  Soon there were about 20 of us.  We were all standing around a naked room.  Naked, as in no chairs or tables.  Not naked as in people naked.  Ok, okay.  While we all stood awkwardly around, I began to make small talk with a nice young lady.  And then it dawned on me:  I was 20 years older than everyone in the room.  Gaw!  How did this happen.  I noticed a nice young man.  Okay, he's the only guy.  Nope.  That soon changed.  Then there were 3 guys and one old lady.  That old lady was me.

Finally, the facilitator arrived and she struggled to get the room ready.  Between myself and two other girls, we offered our help.  We all sat down about 10 minutes after that and the interview began.  She explained to us that we had all applied for a job in one location, but the openings were in a different location.  This didn't seem to bother most, but it bothered me.  This was a retail job.  I'd be lucky to make $13/hr in this job and we all know that the retail jobs are part time.  I worried and fretted about commuting and the cost of gas and the babysitting costs and and and and and....  I went through the interview.  I answered where I felt my input was going to matter and kept my mouth shut for questions like "Tell me about a time someone gave you some feedback.  What did you do with this feedback?"  Huh?  I've been the feedback giver, not receiver.  How would I answer this one?

source:  levistrauss.com

Another zinger came at us:  "Who or what inspires you?"  I wanted to say David Suzuki.  Others dove in telling stories about Grampa coming to Canada from a foreign country and becoming the mayor and then overcoming terminal illness, the smiles that children give, or the smile that you give yourself in the car.  Somewhere in the series of questions came about your favourite book and tv show.  While some answered with philosophical books and Friends (were they born when Friends was on?), one girl told us all about Kris Jenner's book and The Kardashian's on tv.  So she brought that up again.  Kris Jenner was an inspiration.  Then the Kardashians were changing her life.  I was so flabbergasted that I had to come home and call my mom immediately to question what the world was coming to.

Anyhow, within a few short hours of the interview, I received my rejection email.  Turns out my rigidity on location didn't win me any brownie points.  But I'm dying to find out if the Kardashian-inspired girl gets the job?!?!?!?

signed, the willow

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