13 May 2013

Let me try that again


No matter what I have done or do, you are always there in a supporting role.  It's an unspoken role.  You expect no payment, no return of gesture.  You just want me to be happy.  That's it.  It's all that any mother wants for her young.  Go out into the world.  Live your life.  Be happy.  Cry if you have to, or want to, or need to.  But remember to strive to be happy.

Here is picture that belongs to your day

She's protected, she's the protector.  Her stars are the Universe.  She oversees all the love.  She's you.  She's me.  She's the embodiment of love and life.  Only shared between mother and daughter.  The tie is tighter than any other connection.  I'm glad you've shown me the ways and I'm so glad that I love my daughter in the same way.

For those of you happening to stop by and read this, please love your mothers every day.  No one day belongs to your mother.  Every day does.

signed, the willow

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